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We want our unfair share of New Zealand’s best talent... Is that you?

Applications for 2018 are now closed. Come back next year to apply for our 2019 intake.

Everyone says it, but we know it’s true. Our people really are our competitive difference. So we are constantly on the lookout for smart, savvy and curious individuals. That’s why we launched the Clemenger Group Graduate Programme back in 2010. This year the search is on again.

If you’re passionate, creative and driven to make your mark in the world of marketing communications, then we’d love to hear from you for our 2019 Graduate Programme intake.

How to apply

Applications for 2018 are now closed. Come back next year to apply for our 2019 intake.

If you are interested to see what was required this year Download the application overview

There are three phases to the application process.

First, you must provide details about yourself, your education and the jobs you’ve held – just like a CV. Plus you must answer a couple of questions about why our industry is for you.

You must be a citizen or resident of either NZ or Australia, to apply. No exceptions. You will have finished your university degree before the programme starts and can provide proof of completion. You can still apply if you’ve come back from a year or so of travelling or working post uni.

In phase two, you must answer six questions (150 words max) and then upload a short video (90 second max) made in response to a question we ask you. We’ve deliberately left the questions quite open to allow you to show us your personality and creativity. You must apply in one go. You can’t stop, save your answers and resume later – sorry about that, but you can download and print off the questions and video requirements to read over in advance, give yourself plenty of time to read them through and think about your responses. When applications close, all of them are reviewed by a panel of agency executives who will shortlist 30 applicants to go through to an assessment centre.

In phase three, those who’ve made it to the shortlist will be invited to attend a 2 day assessment centre in Auckland. You are required to make your own way to Auckland and organise your own accommodation for the assessment centre. At the assessment centre you will work in small groups, present to the panel; and be interviewed by the panel. We promise to feed and water you well in return for the hard work you’ll do.

After the assessment centre, we will offer places on our Graduate Programme to around ten graduates, but this can vary year to year. Everyone who attends the assessment centre will know within the next fortnight whether they are on the programme or not.

Just remember that we really want you to succeed so throughout the application process we will be there to help you with any difficulties or queries so don’t feel you are on your own.

About our programme

Agency life is fun, fast, pressured and always changing. People work hard, play hard and celebrate a lot.

The Clemenger Graduate Programme recruits for account management, planning and production roles. Before you apply, you might like to know a little about these areas.


These guys are responsible for the client and oversee the whole creative process from taking a brief to delivery of the finished project, working closely with all the specialist departments in the agency and talking with the clients every day.


The planning department is responsible for account strategy – from top level business strategy of a client to the more specific strategy for a given marketing campaign. They work closely with the client and account service to define the problem and develop the brief, and then with creatives to ensure their ideas are in the right space.


These people are responsible for taking the approved idea and turning it into a real thing, whether that’s a film, an app, an event, a poster, a website, or anything else. They work closely with the creatives to ensure their vision is brought to reality, and account service to ensure client objectives are met.


We are looking for people with curious minds, who want to know about their world, what’s trending, what’s new; what’s important, what makes it tick. People who turn left when others turn right. Yes, you need a degree, but don’t let it define you.

You can land a place on our graduate programme if you are responsible, have initiative, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a good dollop of resilience. Show us you’re a creative problem solver, a thinker or a do’er with the right attitude and you’ll have us hooked.

Our desire is to grow future leaders who have a comprehensive understanding of all the different aspects of marketing communications.


If you are one of our successful graduates, you will have the chance of a lifetime to learn from the best. You will be given a unique opportunity to rotate through different agencies and departments before working in one area where you can shine the brightest.

The Clemenger Graduate Programme runs in both Wellington and Auckland. We usually have about four different agencies participating in the programme and each of those agencies will have anywhere from one to five graduate positions they want to fill. Ours is a nine month programme which starts in February each year.

If you are selected by one of our participating agencies for the programme, we will employ you on a nine month, fixed term employment agreement and pay you an entry-level salary for the duration of the programme. Plus, you receive two paid days off to attend your graduation ceremony. You will spend the first three months rotating through different agencies and departments to get an understanding of the various aspects of the marketing communications industry. This rotation period is a unique opportunity and sets our programme apart from others. After the rotation period, you’ll be given a six-month placement in the agency which employs you, in an area where you can excel. Along the way you’ll have buddies and managers to support your success.

While there is no guarantee of a permanent job at the end of the programme, it is our clear expectation that you will land your dream role and have the job of a lifetime with us.

Programme dates

Applications for 2018 are now closed. Come back next year to apply for our 2019 intake.

Assessment Centre
7th & 8th of September 2017 in Auckland

Placements confirmed
Graduate places confirmed by End of September

Start date
Graduate programme kicks off with two-day induction in Auckland: 9th & 10th February 2018

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We have companies across Auckland and Wellington representing over 40% of the entire New Zealand media market with great agencies such as Clemenger BBDO|Touchcast in Wellington, Colenso BBDO, .99, justONE, Porter Novelli, BrandWorld, and Raydar in Auckland. Our expertise spans brand advertising, CRM/direct, media, digital, content, social media, public relations, experiential, shopper marketing, promotional marketing, brand consultancy, and retail advertising.

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